Are you ready to stop burying your feelings in food, lose the stubborn pounds and live a more fulfilling  life where you’re in control?

You're right where you need to be. 

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In the moment its easier to bottle up our feelings and ignore our own wellbeing than to buckle down and speak up for ourselves. 

But as things get busier and your plate gets fuller, your pants get tighter too. That “occasional” chocolate-y treat you indulge on becomes a part of your regular routine. There just isn’t enough time to do anything else for yourself and you just can’t BEAR asking for help. Your resentment and loneliness are consuming you and there’s nowhere to turn to.  

Until now.

I’m the health coach who has been there. I struggled to find my voice for most of my life and in the end, I ended up weighing over 200 pounds and getting diagnosed with fatty liver at the age of 24. Its a rough road but I’m here to tell you that coming out on the other side better and STRONGER is possible. You just need to take those first steps to make the change happen. 

Your health and wellbeing come FIRST. You deserve more and you shouldn’t have to do this alone.

No more yo-yoing, let’s get down to the real solution once and for all.

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