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a certified health coach for you--the tired, guilt-driven mom who wants to feel like her sexy self again you can lose the stubborn pounds, reconnect with what makes you happy and love the person you see in the mirror.

Right now I’m sure you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and trapped. You know something needs to change but you can’t because change is BIG, BIGGER than it ever was before you became a mom. Because, girl, your life isn't your own anymore. Any changes you make affect the whole family and that ALONE is tough.  Meanwhile, the pounds continue to creep up as you start to lose touch with who YOU are and what makes YOU happy. Sound familiar?

Moms, I've been there and done that. 

See, I had this "baby weight" thing down since I had gone through my own weight loss journey BEFORE I became a mom. 

At the age of 24, I found myself at 203 pounds and diagnosed with fatty liver. It was a moment in my life I wasn't proud of but it would the straw that broke my camel's back. After finding love and working SUPER HARD at my nutrition and my personal development, I lost 60 pounds after five years.

So when it came time for my hubby and I to start a family, all I thought was,

"I got this weight gain and pregnancy thing in the bag!"

While I did have a "fit pregnancy" and performed 60 squats and push-ups in the gym 3x/week at least (I even walked a 5K when I was 8 months pregnant!), how I felt was always overshadowed by the scale. I had gained a total of 37 pounds from my pregnancy which was WAY more than I had expected. But I shrugged it off and ASSUMED that 20 pounds of it would come off with NO PROBLEM after my daughter was delivered and I would just do my NORMAL thing and easily fit in my workouts by just waking up earlier.

Yeah, I was wrong on BOTH fronts. I lost only 11 pounds IMMEDIATELY after she was born and was 2-3 pants sizes above my pre-pregnancy size. In terms of normal? It was hard enough to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time for the first 18 MONTHS of my daughter's life. Getting out of bed EARLY to workout was NOT an easy task let alone showering! I had no idea where to even start.

I soon found out that my definition of "busy" before I was a mom is DEFINITELY NOT the same of "busy" as a mom!

On our babymoon trip when I was almost 8 months pregnant (October 2014)


Me and the hubby (Present Day)

But eventually I found little hacks that worked for my schedule, my body and my new lifestyle that made slimming down EASIER  Like having smoothies in the morning as opposed to other ideas that would take longer (like eggs or boiling oatmeal from scratch). Or finding a gym right next to my daughter's daycare so I could workout before picking her up. Now I'm 3 pants sizes down since having my daughter and feel like a NEW me where I feel like "myself again" but making it somehow fit into my role as a busy mom.


I believe that all of you moms are doing an AWESOME job already. You don't need a fad diet or infomercial to make you think otherwise. With simple strategies and tools, you can upgrade yours and your family's healthy lifestyle in no time!

I want this for you because I want you to stop getting lost in your responsibilities and get back to "you"!

Because you are JUST as deserving as anyone else to feel comfortable in your skin, to not have to hide behind "mom" clothes and to feel like you are ready to take on whatever comes i your path. 

Imagine a life where you can...

  • YOU and YOUR HEALTH are not negotiable
  • You ACTUALLY get to eat with your famly during the morning rush.
  • Don't criticize yourself every time you pass by the mirror. 
  • Feel energized, happy and productive
  • Not only feel awesome about yourself, but sexy too!

Enough about me, it’s time we focus on you. Are you ready to say “yes” to you? Moms, I've got your back because you've always had mine.  Let’s work together to figure this all out one baby step at a time. 

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